Getting Started

Do you have an idea?

Do you have an occasion to celebrate, a product to promote or a unique object to manufacture?
Do you need a high quality product with stunning visual quality?

We can help! just follow these simple steps and we’ll be in production in no time.

Step 1…Concept

Our products are all about your ideas. So what are they?

The best way to get moving with production is to know what you want to achieve from the beginning.

This can be really basic: an object, a deadline, a brand, a theme or a budget, or maybe a combination of all these things.

With a simple objective in place we will happily guide you forward.

Step 2…Contact, get in touch!

We have a team ready to manage your projects and we’ve been doing it for years. Just give us a call, we’re right here.

Once you’ve made contact we can provide a much clearer understanding of the opportunities, possibilities and, occasionally, limitations of the material.

At this stage we like to get an idea of the scale of the project, any deadlines that might influence production and an outline of budget, if there is one.

Armed with just a little information we can get the ball rolling with the creative team.

Step 3…Liaise

Regular contact with our project managers will ensure we develop the best solutions at the best price.

Working alongside our in-house designers you can develop a range of concepts before selecting the design solution you like best.

As the design develops we may require further information, logos, deal details, brand outlines or artwork.

The more source material you can provide the better. It will help us keep costs down and focus our energy on great designs.

Step 4…Prototype

Once you have got your heart set on a design and you’re ready to proceed we will produce production layouts.

These more technical drawings may highlight subtle details that were unclear on the concept drawings.

With this in mind you should check over these thoroughly before you sign-off a prototype.

We always recommend making a prototype as having an actual sample in your hand is totally different to viewing a graphic, however sophisticate the visuals are.

Stage 5…Sign-off

With the sample in your hands you can make an examination of the piece and make any last minute changes.

Perhaps you’d like to add more text or logos, remove details, add extra elements or adjust the sizes.

Some changes incur extra costs and equally others may reduce costs. Your project manager will advise on the best options for you.

Once any alterations are made the design is signed-off and we go into full production, we love that bit!


and thats it. It couldn’t be easier, just give us a call and we’ll get you started today.

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