Laser Cutting + Etching

A versatile approach to shapes

and graphics

The development of laser cutting technology has opened up our services to a broader client base. It not only allows us to focus on the smallest of details for our awards but also enables us to execute precision cutting for a vast array of applications.

From the shaping of a colour-specific company logo to the cutting of an intricate acrylic component, the use of the laser is varied and adaptable.

As well as laser cutting, Midton has the capabilities to provide a comprehensive laser engraving service from the simplest personalisation of awards to a unique graphic representation of an image.

Contact the team to discuss your laser requirements or read on for more information.

laser cut lucite tombstone printed new york

laer cutting operator acrylic awards

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digital design layouts for financial tombstone laser files

blue acrylic sheet laser cut oil deal toy

Laser Cutting

We have had laser cutting facilities in the factory since 2001 and as demand has grown we have updated and improved the machines to suit. We currently have 3 laser cutters in operation and can provide laser cut shapes with intricate detail for a range of uses.

At the moment our most common use for our laser cutting is the production of component parts for financial tombstones and awards. However the technology provides us with the scope to create a wide variety of products in a range of materials.

Laser cutters require vector artwork to operate which can be either be provided by the client or created in house by our design team.

Required file formats: .eps, .ai or .cdr.

Maximum bed size: 1300mm x 900mm.

Material thickness: 2mm – 25mm.

Laser Etching

Our in-house laser etching machines are capable of engraving areas up to 305 x 610 mm. With an image resolution of up to 600 dpi and maximum engraving height of 220 mm, we are set-up to personalise your awards and engrave high quality images and logos.

laser cut epilog acrylic sheet cutting

laser etcher epilog laser etching perspex sheet

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