Machining + Finishing

The largest and most advanced facility

in the industry.

Our extensive facility provides us with the means to complete both our cast acrylic creations and our specialised machined products.

We are continually expanding our machining capabilities and have introduced the latest CAD/CAM software. Combining this with our experienced machine operators we can offer our clients the full spectrum of finishing options for their acrylic products.

Once the machining stages of production are complete we then move onto the hand polishing of each piece which allows us to showcase the impressive high optical clarity of acrylic.

Please read on to find out more information about our machining capabilities or contact us to discuss your machining requirements.

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The Machine Shop

Engineering Acrylics

Midton acrylics has run a machine shop for over 30 years and is proud to offer a wider array of engineering skills than ever before. Continued investment in machinery, software and staff training has changed our outlook and revealed opportunities in increasingly diverse markets.

Building on our traditional machining options: milling, drilling, turning and bending, we have recently introduced new multi-dimensional, CNC mills and lathes. 3-5 axis machines have mean that we can now machine solid forms that could only be moulded or constructed in the past.

To compliment our advancing hardware our programming skills have been backed up with the latest CAD/CAM software. Our engineers now enjoy working alongside our designers, creating complex digital forms that can then be translated into economical tool paths and exported to our milling machines.

Our advancement in CNC milling and lathe machinery allows us to accurately repeat complex machining operations, vastly improving the results, timings and prices we can offer.

For information on specific jobs or processes please contact our team.


Acrylics has an endless number of applications and the finishing methods used are specific for purpose. Methods such as flame polishing and diamond edge cutting tend to be more common in fabrication and are more successful with extruded acrylic.

The vast majority of the work that passes through Midton Acrylics is moulded or machined cast acrylic and we use a combination of buffer polishing and industrial edge cutting machinery to obtain a high-optical finish.

When a frosted glass effect is required we have full sandblasting facilities in the factory and can mask and blast vector images direct from digital files.

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