Model + Mould Making

Changing the face of cast acrylics.

Our newest department is perhaps the most exciting. In the five years since its inception our in-house sculpture department has been responsible for some of the most innovative product leaps in our company’s history.

We are passionate about acrylic as a medium for sculpture and model making. Through the combination of traditional techniques and advanced moulding methods we have developed a completely new approach to cast acrylics.

The introduction of a full 3d CAD suite and 3D printing technologies has enabled us to expand the range and complexity of forms we are able manufacture.

The creative input of our model makers and their deep understanding of our casting process ensures they work with our production team to create utterly unique acrylics.

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clear cast acrylic figurine sculpture artwork

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seated figurine carved for fashion deal toy

model bull sculpture moulded acrylic tombstone

hand sculpture deal toy financial tombstone

plaster torso acrylic casting pattern deal toy

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mask sculpture clay model for casting in acrylic

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