Things have never looked sharper.

As our in-house print department approaches its 30th year we are more focused than ever.

Continually building upon our traditional skill base, we embrace advancing technologies to deliver the highest in printing standards.

In 2012 alone we installed a further two wide format ink jet printers and an additional digital DTS machine, allowing us to provide high end printing on a wide variety of materials and surfaces.

As well being able to print directly onto acrylic, we can also print on metal, wood, crystal and granite using either our DTS machine or by the more traditional method of Silk Screen Printing.

There are many ways to enhance your product through the medium of print. To find out what print method is right for you, contact us today, and for more technical details, please read on below.

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Direct to Substrate

DTS printing is an exciting new addition to our print service. First introduced in 2009 wee now have three direct to substrate printers operating day and night.

Our DTS printers use low watt UV light to cure specialist inks as they are applied directly onto the print surface. The result is a durable, highly detailed print that won’t crack or flake off when handled.

The printing industry has be utilising this technology for over 10 years, printing on anything from wood and ceramics to plastics and glass. However with our breakthrough casting processes we can offer something totally unique: high quality, full colour, print embedments at competitive prices. Call our team for more information.

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Ink-jet Printing

We have spent a lot of time researching the best printers, inks and paper to give our clients the best in high-quality printing. Our wide-format printers can handle large quantity runs, rapidly producing reams of print daily.

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Screen Printing

Screen printing is the traditional method of printing for encapsulation.

We have four Screen Printing stations which enable us to print large numbers at a time using high-quality inks specially manufactured for us to ensure your artwork is visually flawless.

Our inks are UV-optically stable so can withstand the outside environment and won’t fade – making them the ideal print choice for outdoor signage.

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